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New Earth Arising is an online creative development platform that celebrates and supports visionary Artists, Creators, Leaders and Entrepreneurs to develop their creative POWER, POTENTIAL & PROJECTS.

Our online coaching programs provide a unique integration of creativity, spirituality, psychology and entrepreneurship to help CREATORS liberate their creative expression whilst developing their personal potential and manifesting juicy creative lives, projects and businesses they LOVE.

Our specialized Content Creation & VA Support Services also support CREATORS with the more practical aspects of launching & running a conscious creative business.

Our Mission

Inspired by creativity & entrepreneurship as a catalyst for healing, transformation and empowerment, the New Earth Arising platform was founded by International Music Artist, Psychotherapist & Creative Coach, Kattimoni.


Our group containers are full permission spaces where members feel seen, celebrated and supported to experience radical transformation and massive personal breakthroughs in their creativity, wellbeing & business projects.


We are here for the renaissance.

For the CREATORS - Musicians, Painters, Poets, Dancers, Dreamers, Designers, Producers, Actors, Artists of life, Healers, Coaches, Facilitators, heart-centred Entrepreneurs, passionate change-makers and visionary Leaders of the New Earth.

For those with a deep desire to recreate & reinvent themselves and shine their light into the world with complete freedom. For those who are ready to expand, evolve and elevate beyond their blocks and limitations and bring their inspired visions and ventures to life.


"I can definitely recommend New Earth Arising for those wanting to up their creative game." 
- Mista Monk

Ready to CREATE?

Check out our upcoming programs.....

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