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We are here for the renaissance.

The regrowth, recreation and rebirth 

For the visionary people, Conscious Creators, Artists, Entrepreneurs and Leaders of the New Earth

New Earth Arising is the united vision of Kattimoni and Nikolai Charles to create a global network and community that celebrates and supports visionary creators and heart-centred changemakers to liberate their personal power and potential, raise their vibration and bring their creative visions and ventures to life.

Kattimoni is an Australian born Singer, Speaker, Transformational Coach and Psychotherapist and Nikolai is a Multidisciplinary Artist, International Athlete, Health & Fitness Fanatic and Fashion Designer from Barbados. Both fierce Creators and Entrepreneurs inspired by creativity as a catalyst for transformation and healing, the couple are dedicated to living a juicy, healthy, conscious, creative life of passion and purpose and empowering others to do the same.

Our Mission

New Earth Arising is a vibrant global network and collective of creative changemakers.

Our online platform provides deeply transformational programs, masterclasses, mentorships & 1:1 coaching that supports Creators to liberate their personal potential, master their mindset, raise their vibration and bring their creative visions and ventures to life

We also create live inspirational, multi-disciplinary arts events, workshops and uniquely crafted merchandise, artistry & fashion.

Ready to CREATE?

"I can definitely recommend New Earth Arising for those wanting to up their creative game." 

- Mista Monk