Our Community

We are an ever expanding global collective of conscious CREATORS - Musicians, Painters, Poets, Dancers, Dreamers, Designers, Producers, Actors, Artists of life, Healers, Facilitators, heart-centred Entrepreneurs, passionate change-makers and visionary Leaders of the new earth.


Our community is a full permission space for radical transformation and growth which generally calls to those during a major transition or turning point in life and to those with a deep desire to recreate and reinvent themselves and bring their inspired visions and ventures to life.


We are creating a new paradigm of conscious creators who are living on purpose, doing the inner healing work and using our creativity to cultivate positive change on the planet. We are claiming our birthright to step into our power and we are no longer willing to play small or let our ‘stuff’ get in the way from truly making an impact or stop us from shining our light into the world.


Our programs, events and containers are a vortex of infinite possibility where our members feel supported, celebrated and empowered to experience massive personal breakthroughs, create authentic connections and take huge quantum leaps in their creativity, projects, businesses & wellbeing


Here we expand, evolve and elevate beyond doubts, fears, limiting beliefs or emotional blocks and experience complete freedom to live from our highest potential and to lead and create with love.


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