Do you have the sense that you’re here to create something powerful but you’re just not exactly sure what or where to even start?


Or perhaps there’s a creative vision or business venture that’s been on your heart for a while but you just can’t seem to break through the mental/ emotional blocks or cultivate the confidence and self belief you need to follow through with it. 


You’re invited to a FREE 3 day 'CREATIVE LIBERATION' Facebook challenge with Kattimoni this April 17, 18, 19 


In this journey together I am going to be taking you through the 3 most important steps to help you liberate your creative potential, step into your power as a conscious creator and bring your visions and ventures to life!

I’ll be going live in our Conscious Creators Community FB group each day @10am AEST and sharing 3 FREE masterclasses to help you;


💥 Clarify your Creative Vision

💥 Clear your Creative Blocks

💥 Claim your Creative Confidence and Power



Day 1 - Clarify your creative vision


Each and every one of us have our own unique soul contract and soul purpose that we’re here to fulfil in our lifetime. Day 1 we’re going to get crystal clear on what it would mean for you to be living in alignment with your higher purpose and the impact that you hope to make in the world.

We also explore how you could utilize the exact combination of your unique talents, abilities, experience and personality and begin to craft your creative vision and soul mission in a way that allows you to bring it to life and anchor into this frequency every single day.



Day 2 - Clear your creative blocks


Our mindset plays such an important role in shaping who we are and how we live our lives. The stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold are the driving forces behind our emotions, actions, behaviors, habits and ultimately shape who we are and our success in whatever we’re doing. Day 2 we intentionally work to uncover and unsurface any unconscious beliefs, doubts, fears, limitations or emotional blockages that may be acting as a barrier and inhibiting us from accessing our full creative power and potential. Together we will work through a process of transforming our negative thoughts and limiting belief systems and reprogramming our brain for maximum power, potential and possibility. 



Day 3 - Claim your creative confidence


Day 3 is an invitation to claim your creative power, claim your brilliance, own your authentic expression and feel confident about audaciously and unapologetically shining your light, showing up more fully and sharing your creative gifts and offerings with the world with complete freedom.


Together we work to identify and release some of the key factors that may be inhibiting your visibility including; shame, fear, judgement, comparisonitis and tall poppy syndrome. 

I’ll be taking you through a powerful process using quantum mechanics & hypnosis and teach you how to get into the right energetic state to manifest and magnetize your desires and bring your creative visions and ventures to life.


Hi, I’m Kattimoni,

I’m a Creative Alchemist and Transformational Coach for visionary Artists, Creators and Entrepreneurs.

Australian born and Caribbean based, I’ve spent my life travelling and touring around the world, performing, creating music, poetry, events, workshops, programs and gaining experience and expertise in a diversity of healing and creative arts.

I believe creativity and entrepreneurship can be a powerful catalyst for transformation and healing and I’m passionate about combining arts, psychology, spirituality and strategy to help heart-centred changemakers unblock their personal power & potential, master their mindset and bring their visions and ventures to life.


Join us for the FREE 3 Day Creative Liberation Challenge

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