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Welcome to the beginning of a completely new you.

There has never been a better time to completely recreate and reinvent yourself, your creative identity, projects, business or your life! 

We are creating a new paradigm of conscious creators who are living on purpose, doing the inner healing work and using our creativity to cultivate positive change on the planet. We are claiming our birthright to step into our power and we are no longer willing to play small or let our ‘stuff’ get in the way from truly making an impact or stop us from shining our light into the world.

Next round starts January 2022


CREATOR is a 3 month transformational creative development program for CREATORS - Musicians, Painters, Poets, Dancers, Dreamers, Designers, Producers, Actors, Artists of life, Healers, Facilitators, heart-centred Entrepreneurs, passionate change-makers and visionary Leaders of the new earth to; 


💥 Have a clear sense of purpose, direction, identity and personal legacy


💥 Develop a creation strategy and blueprint to help turn your inspired vision into inspired action

💥 Master your mindset and receive tools for shifting shame and clearing doubts, fears, limiting beliefs and emotional blockages


💥 Cultivate higher level of self-awareness, self-worth, self- belief and self-love, raise your vibration and cultivate inner wealth  


💥 Own your authentic expression and feel confident communicating, being visible and shining your light into the world with complete freedom

💥 Manifest and magnetize your dreams & desires with ease


💥 Create deep connections with a supportive global community and network of conscious creators who are all dedicated to their personal growth and potential.

💥 Experience an enhanced sense of personal and creative power to lead a juicy, empowered, creative life in alignment with your highest values.

...Unblock your Creation Codes...

Throughout this journey you will feel supported, celebrated and empowered to experience massive personal breakthroughs, create authentic connections and take huge quantum leaps in your creativity, projects, businesses & wellbeing within a supportive community network.

‘CREATOR’ offers an integrative, holistic and creative approach to personal development that unifies elements of creativity, spirituality, psychology and entrepreneurship and draws on modalities of quantum coaching, hypnosis, NLP, transpersonal & somatic psychology, meditation, shamanic breathwork, ritual, embodiment and expressive arts.

Hi, I’m Kattimoni,

I’m a Creative Alchemist and Transformational Coach for 

visionary Artists, Creators and Entrepreneurs.

Australian born & Caribbean based, I’ve spent my life

travelling and touring around the world, performing,

creating music, poetry, events, workshops, programs

and gaining experience and expertise in a diversity

of creative arts, healing and business.

I believe creativity and entrepreneurship can be

a powerful catalyst for transformation and

healing and I’m passionate about combining

arts, psychology, spirituality and strategy to

help heart-centred changemakers unblock their

personal power & potential, master their

mindset and bring their visions and ventures

to life.

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Who is this perfect for?

Our community is a full permission space for radical transformation and growth which generally calls to those during a major transition or turning point in life and to those with a deep desire to recreate and reinvent themselves and CREATE something completely new - a new body of artistic work, a new creative project, course or business.

CREATOR is perfect for anyone who is wanting to expand, evolve and elevate beyond doubts, fears, shame, unconscious negative beliefs or any unresolved issues or unprocessed emotions that may be blocking their creation process and inhibiting their their capacity to experience complete freedom to live from our highest potential and lead and create with love. 

It's time to start being the person you’ve always wanted to be and do the work you were born to do. Launch that album, write that book, host that exhibition, start that business you’ve been sitting on for years, take those dance classes (or run them), put that band together, build their brand, put on your first show, go on tour, fast-track those creative dreams that may have been tucked away and bring them to life!

Program Outline

  • Welcome, Introductions, creative community connection 

  • Logistics, agreements, confidentiality, boundaries & soul-pod groups

  • Intention setting & Personal Miracles

  • Uncover your unique personal legacy & soul mission

  • Craft your creative vision

  • Identify your niche & leverage your creations

  • Uncover and release unconscious doubts, fears & beliefs

  • Identify mental and emotional blocks, blueprints & conditioning

  • Clear any stuck, stagnant energy inhibiting your creative confidence

  • Reclaim your power from self doubt, criticism & ‘not enough’

  • Overcome imposter syndrome & tall poppy syndrome

  • Cultivate unshakable inner authority & self-belief

  • The art, science & spirituality of manifestation

  • Magnetize & attract clients & opportunities with ease

  • Heart-centred marketing & social media strategy

  • Valuing yourself and your creative work

  • Raising your vibration, developing high self-esteem & self worth

  • Money mindset, wealth resonance and soulful sales

  • Becoming the conscious creator

  • Setting yourself up for success 

  • Clarifying your highest values

  • Turn your inspired vision into a strategic project plan

  • Optimize your creative energy & take consistent action

  • Time management - Balancing structure & flow as a Creator

  • Reprogram your mindset for maximum power, potential and possibility 

  • Transform negative thoughts into empowered beliefs

  • Speak with embodied confidence, clarity & conviction

  • Own your personal brand story

  • Redefine your creative identity & core message

  • Re-brand the new you /project / business

  • Put yourself ‘out there’ & launch your project

  • Step into unapologetic freedom & authentic self-expression

  • Dealing with judgement, criticism & shame around visibility

  • Integrate your creative expansion

  • Celebration & Completion

  • Closing ceremony


Lalita, Kalari Healer, Musician, Entrepreneur

Kattimoni has been truly amazing. I was cloudy about my objectives with my business’s direction, and left feeling clearer and more focussed.

I feel like my perspective and energy has shifted in a very strong way and I have some practical tools to maintain this.


Mista Monk, MC

Katti is a wonderful facilitator gently guiding me through my own limiting beliefs and exposing me to new healthy patterns of thought. I can definitely recommend her for anyone wanting to up their creative game.


Clare, Creator / Facilitator

I found myself at a real "Turning Point" reassessing and re evaluating ALL aspects and areas of my life. Kattimoni helped me to see where I was stuck & helped me tap into my own inner wisdom and power again


Lauren, Musician, Teacher, Entrepreneur

I love working with Kattimoni. She is easy to talk to about EVERYTHING. She has helped me work through some anxiety and emotional challenges with practical, manageable steps.

I can’t recommend her enough.


💥 12 x Weekly Transformational Masterclasses

💥 12 x Weekly Live group Mastermind Coaching calls


💥 10 x Beautifully designed workbooks with educational content, artwork,

      journal prompts & activities


💥 Resources for integration; meditations, hypnosis recordings, embodiment

      practices, emotional clearing & breathwork processes & more


💥 Exclusive creative content from Kattimoni


💥 Private community celebration & support group


💥 3 x private 1:1 sessions (Gold & Silver Package only)

Next round starts January 2022